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More than thirty years ago, even as a child, the Great Dane captivated me with its size and unusual elegance.

The Great Dane is a large dog that is distinguished by its noble appearance, massive body structure, pride, strength and, above all, as I mentioned, elegance. She is also called Apollo among dog breeds. It excels as a family companion, providing protection. As a personal friend, he always responds with selfless kindness, and as a show dog, he does the same at shows and competitions.

I bought my first Great Dane on 18.9.2009 and imported it from Hungary. It was my first dream come true, a brindle dog called Devil from the BIG DOPE kennel. And that was the day my life with Great Danes began…

After a few years, I established my own kennel with the name
TERRA REUCHE DANE in Ružomberok.

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